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Timbarra T House

Timbarra Ts offer a range of hand blended teas made with Queensland grown tea with a variety of local fruits & herbs as well as exotic spices. Our boutique tea menu continues to grow as new creations are mastered.

From tea light holders to coaster & 'old world' wooden implements, our had crafted timber products also reflect local materials that aim to fill a niche where simplicity & a homey touch brighten your day.

Come & try our home blended high or low teas!! Call 07 5424 1677 to book now!!

Home blend mixes include:

*Citrus & Clove                 *Vanilla & Cinnamon

*Blood Red                        *Tilly

*Timbarra                          *Spicy Celebration

*Scandinavian                   *St Andrews

Craft Product:

*Specialty Tea Cosies       *A range of Tea light candle holders

*Scandinavian inspired wood craft

*Blood wood Coasters, Salt & Pepper hoders, Tea light candle hoders

*Mugs & mug trees            *Special occasion craft products for all occasions!!